Oral History Association Seeks New Home

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The OHA office is looking for a new institutional home. Hosting the country’s premier oral history association will surely bring great honor to whichever institution accepts the challenges and responsibilities.

Here’s the call for proposals. Contact the folks at the bottom of this post if you need more information.

Oral History Association:

Proposal Guidelines for Hosting Executive Office

Full proposals from institutions interested in hosting the Executive Office of the Oral History Association (OHA) are due no later than March 1, 2012.  Proposals should include the following elements:

1.  A narrative statement of no more than 1500 words explaining:

a.  why your institution would like to host OHA and why doing so can advance the mission of your institution;

b.  why the institution will be especially suitable for the OHA;

c.  where the OHA Executive Office will be located within the institution’s administrative structure; the OHA is open to considering a variety of institutional arrangements.

d.  how the office, staff, programs, and expertise of the OHA might be integrated into the institution and the community;

e.  what financial and in-kind resources the institution will provide for:

i) a significant contribution to the FTE salary and benefits of the Executive Director;

ii) a contribution to the salary and benefits of a Program Associate;

iii) graduate assistant(s), student intern(s), or equivalent;

iv) appropriate office space, storage space, supplies, and equipment such as telephones, computers, and access to photocopier, with upgrades or replacements as necessary;

v) computer workstation for each staff member with network/internet access, support, and regular lifecycle scheduled upgrades for the Executive Director and Program Associate and best available replacement for other staff.

2.  A Letter of Support from the institution’s chief administrative officer acknowledging the availability of and intention to commit resources for a minimum contract term of five years, beginning January 1, 2013, the projected starting date for OHA at the new institution.

3.  Letters of Support from individuals, academic departments, programs, offices, agencies, institutions, or other entities who can contribute to a collaborative environment, in-kind support, cultural and intellectual resources, or other forms of assistance to the goals, staff, and operations of the OHA. 

Please submit one copy of the proposal and supporting documents via electronic attachments to the OHA Executive Office, at [email protected], with the subject line “Proposal for Executive Office.” 

Questions may be addressed to the Transition Committee co-chairs, Rina Benmayor ([email protected]) and Linda Shopes ([email protected]).

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