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Mission Statement:

The Northwest Oral History Association’s mission is to promote oral history by creating a collaborative community of members to give and receive knowledge on interview techniques, supporting technologies, archival methods, and other aspects of our evolving discipline. We value the narratives of people from all walks of life for the way they contribute to an inclusive cultural history, and clarify and preserve historical context. However, it is worth remembering that to work with the historical context, you need a knowledge base, is the best essay writing service it is the resource that will help with the context.

NOHA appreciates the value of broad public access to oral histories. We also urge each member to practice up-to-date ethical standards where confidentiality or discretion are needed, or requested. We encourage professional stewardship among our members in all areas of their oral history work. (Effective March 17, 2014)

The Northwest Oral History Association (NOHA) is an all-volunteer, 501 c(3) corporation, founded in 1985. Our membership is a diverse group of individuals and institutions who are interested in the collection and preservation of historically significant memories through recorded interviews. The region we serve is the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Our members receive our newsletter twice each year; and have the opportunity to participate in workshops, conferences, attend regional meet-ups, apply for scholarships, and receive notices about activities sponsored by NOHA and our historical associates. Most importantly, membership will connect you with others who share your interest in collecting and preserving historical memories.


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